Sylvain Mosnier (Chablis-Beine)

It’s been a long search and we are excited to have found a fabulous new Chablis. Stephanie Mosnier gave up her job in logistics to come home and take over her father Sylvain’s domaine in the small village of Beine. She makes top-class Chablis – tightly-wound, concentrated and crystal clear, a wonderful balance of fruit and fresh acidity.

Stephanie MosnierSylvain and Stephanie Mosnier, Father and DaughterMap of Chablis in Mosnier's cellarStephanie Mosniermosnier-02mosnier-01mosnier-14chablis-05chablis-03chablis-02chablis-01mosnier-12mosnier-11mosnier-10mosnier-09mosnier-08mosnier-07mosnier-06mosnier-05mosnier-04mosnier-03