The Winery German Dry Riesling 6-Bottle Selection £85

Wall-to-wall dry Riesling – our current 6-bottle selection. Trocken = Dry.

Riesling trocken 2015, Walter (Mosel) 10.99
Riesling trocken 2015, Becker-Landgraf (Rheinhessen) 13.99
Hallgartener Hendelberg Riesling Spatlese trocken 2015, Asbach-Kretschmar (Rheingau) 15.99
Blauschiefer Riesling Kabinett trocken 2015, Bastgen (Mosel) 15.99
Riesling trocken 2015, Bischel (Rheinhessen) 15.99
Riesling trocken 2014, Melsheimer (Mosel) 16.99

Offer while stocks last. If we run out of certain wines we will be happy to offer substitutions.
Why not send them to friends and family?
£12 per case for England, Scotland and Wales (mainland only).