Emergency Riesling – 6 bottle selection £85 – RHEINHESSEN NAHE & PFALZ

Out of Riesling? You need EMERGENCY Riesling!

For the next few weeks, our Emergency Riesling case is a selection from the Rheinhessen, Nahe and Pfalz. Time to get geeky with 6 dry Rieslings from 5 different growers from 3 different regions.
Trocken = Dry.

Riesling trocken 2019, Bischel (Rheinhessen) 15.99
Riesling trocken 2019, Huff (Rheinhessen) 15.99
Riesling trocken 2019, Becker-Landgraf (Rheinhessen) 14.99
Riesling trocken 2019, Sinss (Nahe) 16.99
Riesling vom Bundsandstein trocken 2020, Borell Diehl (Pfalz) 13.99
Riesling trocken 2019 LITRE, Borell-Diehl (Pfalz) 13.99

Offer while stocks last. If we run out of certain wines we will be happy to offer substitutions.

Why not send them to friends and family?
£12 per case for England, Scotland and Wales (mainland only).

Missed our Mosel or Rheingau themed selections? Let us know if you’d like one of those. info@thewineryuk.com