Amyot (Loches-sur-Ource/Aube)

In the bottom right hand corner of the Champagne region, half-way between Reims and Dijon, is the Aube, also known as the Cote des Bar. Here, off the beaten track, the tiny village of Loches-sur-Ource is the very rural home of Champagne Amyot. We have been working with Amyot for 18 years. The domaine is run by two brothers, Vincent and Bertrand, and Vincent’s wife Annick (who was known to us as Madame Amyot for the first 17 years). They speak an impenetrable, heavily-accented local dialect. Their champagne Carte Or Brut (a Blanc de Noirs – 100% Pinot Noir, grown on sandy soil) is the biggest selling item in The Winery – always powerful, big and biscuity. At recent blind taste-offs of champagnes versus a spread of sparkling wines for City clients, it came out top, even above vintage champagnes.