Anne-Sophie Dubois (Fleurie) ORGANIC

Anne-Sophie Dubois comes from the Champagne region, three hours north of Beaujolais. Her parents have three hectares in Sézanne, halfway between Epernay and Troyes. They had two kids, wanted to expand and bought eight hectares of vines in Fleurie, one of the ten Crus in the pretty, rolling hills of the Beaujolais. After internships at Roblet-Monnot in Volnay and various Champagne producers around Sézanne, Anne-Sophie took over the small Fleurie domaine in 2007. She started producing two Fleurie cuvées: l’Alchimiste and Clepsydre, L’Alchimiste is from vines of 40 years-old or more.
All her vines are in a single block on a southwest facing granite slope around her house and winery. Although not certified, she farms organically and uses many biodynamic techniques. The only difference is her refusal to use copper (widely used in organic viticulture), which she says is toxic and can leech into the groundwater.
Her winemaking style is very gentle, to emphasise the purity, fragrance and elegance of the Gamay fruit. Long maceration, wild yeasts, no new oak, no filtration or fining, no pumping – just gravity.
Les Labourons is made from even older vines (60 years-old or more), was labelled Clepsydre (named after a water clock created by the Ancient Greeks). The bottling now carries the name Les Labourons: the Lieu Dit (the vineyard name of the parcel), which is also the name of this subzone of Fleurie.
Deeper, more concentrated, more complex – the embodiment of finesse. Gamay at its most exquisite.