Becker-Landgraf (Gau-Odernheim)

This was another tip from Ursula Heinzelmann. Great Pinot from Rheinhessen? Do our ears deceive us? Our mouths say yes!
When Johannes Becker and Julia Landgraf married, they combined their respective family wineries and determined to make top-class, cool-climate, dry Riesling and silky Pinot Noir, slap bang in the rural centre of the region. They have already outgrown the basement below their house where they scuttle around with bended heads, checking their gleaming tanks and a handful of barrels. Julia’s Dad has a business making stainless steel tanks. When we rocked-up, they were pressing and fermenting their harvest in a tent. Never mind “garage-iste”, here’s the first “tent-iste” we have come across.
When we brought back Johannes and Julia’s Spatburgunder in September 2009, it sold out so fast we had to beg them for everything they had left. Which wasn’t much. This year we were knocking on their door pretty much the day after bottling. Johannes and Julia make top-class, cool-climate, silky Pinot Noir from the middle of the most unlikely part of Rheinhessen. It does help that Julia’s Grandfather had some old parcels of vines on the only hill for miles around, just outside their village of Gau-Odernheim.

Julia and Johannes Becker-Landgraf