Bosco del Merlo (Annone Veneto) ORGANIC

The Paladin family have been making organic wines under their Bosco del Merlo label for many years. Their organic Prosecco is a perennial favourite here at The Winery. Carlo and Milly Paladin have a spread of vines over the flat plains at Annone Veneto north-east of Venice, the Alps visible in the background. It’s an area rich with Roman history – the old Roman road, the via Postumia runs right by the estate. The wider Paladin family, which includes Carlo’s brother and sister, never seem to let the grass grow below their feet, frequently introducing new wines such as a refined, chocolatey Malbec (called Malbech locally) and a spicy, aromatic Traminer which seems to have adjusted to the clay-heavy soil on the estate.
They also seem keen to snap up estates in other areas. They bought Castello Bonomi in Franciacorta, widely held to be the best area for sparkling wine in Italy. They didn’t stop there and also scooped up a Tuscan estate – Castelvecchi in Radda, in the Chianti Classico Zone near Siena. We are fans of their very sleek, plush Capotondo Chianti Classico.

The Paladins have stopped producing their Tapo Spago (the one with the cork and a piece of string). Over the past couple of years we have gently moved on to their fabulous vintage Prosecco Millesimato in the stylish, dumpy bottle (a shape gently evocative of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs).
The family released a Rose Spumante Brut, in the same stylish, dumpy bottle, which has also been very well-received by us all over the past 3 years or so. The Rose is made from Glera (a synonym for the Prosecco grape) with a splash of Pinot Noir. We all knew it was a Prosecco Rose but no-one was allowed to call it that. Finally the regulations have caught up and since late 2020 Prosecco Rose is legal.