Domaine du Bouchot (Pouilly-sur-Loire) BIODYNAMIC

We were methodically following leads around Pouilly-sur-Loire. Some dead ends, some were out of town but keen, another just went to the fax line. While we were driving around trying to locate another grower we had been tipped about, we saw an intriguing sign at the end of a lane. Domaine du Bouchot, AB organic. So we phoned them. Can we come and see you? When would you like to come? In 5 minutes? OK.
Rachel and Pascal Kerbiquet started their winery 28 years ago. They were first in the area to go organic. That was in the mid 1990s. Since 2012 they have gone one step further and are now biodynamic. They make very stylish Pouilly-Fume, the embodiment of Sauvignon Blanc in three different bottlings. Their classic Cuvee is their calling card. Next one up is called “Regain”, a particular vineyard which they revived in 1997 using herbs and grasses. Finally “Prestige”, which unsurprisingly is their top-of-the-range bottling. A special selection of grapes, 40 hours of maceration and extended lees contact.
We came back the next day to cram what little space was left in the van with their wines.
March 2020 – our latest shipment has arrived. There are new names and new labels. Antoine Gouffier has taken a front seat as Rachel and Pascal have moved to the back seats. The wines are delicious. Vitae is the former Tradition, Petram the former Regain. The former Prestige (but with skin contact) is about to be renamed for the second time. Fabulous – Sauvignon Blanc at its most refined.