Coursodon (Mauves)

St Joseph is a large Appellation running a distance of 50kms along the west bank of the Rhone south of Lyon from Condrieu down to Valence. The sweet-spot is here in Mauves, on the opposite bank to Hermitage, and this is where you can find the church, which gives St Joseph its name. Although it carries his father’s name, Jerome Coursodon, the 30-something son, and his mother seem to do everything. Jerome in the cellar, his mum in the office and the tasting room. The wines are state-of-the-art northern Rhone.
White St Joseph, Marsanne with a tiny splash of Roussanne, can sometimes be a bit heavy but to preserve freshness, Jerome Coursodon often stops the secondary malolactic fermentation. These are fascinating white wines, with depth, concentration and notes of apricot and acacia. Red St Joseph is 100% Syrah. Jerome makes beautifully pure Syrah. Effortlessly polished. L’Olivaie is his top bottling. All violets and vanilla cream when young, with some age it can become sweatier and more macho.