CUW Cambados Urban Winery (Cambados/Galicia)

It was super-hot and extremely dry everywhere we went in Spain in April 2023, until we arrived in Galicia. There’s a reason why it’s so green there: it rains frequently, some might say constantly. We went to visit Antonio Galinanes of CUW, Cambados Urban Winery, in the heart of Rias Baixas, the spiritual home of Albarino. Antonio showed us three of his small parcels of vines, all very close to the water. One directly on the sea front, another directly on the estuary. He currently has just 2.2 hectares with another 0.7 plot on the way. The first vintage of his wine, Desconcierto Rias Baixas, was 2015. Our first shipment, the 2022, has notes of citrus zest and a whisper of sea air.