Il Chiosso (Gattinara)

North, due north, to the Alps, up into Alto Piemonte. Past the rice fields of Arborio to Gattinara – the other home of Nebbiolo.
Carlo Cambieri and Marco Alunno brought their two families’ vineyards together to form Il Chiosso in 2007 and make beautiful, high toned, high-altitude Nebbiolo in the Alto Piemonte.
Carlo has a day job as an engineer. Marco is an Oenologue and, with his Dad, takes cares of their vines over in the Colle Novarese, including their Ghemme. Carlo and his Dad look after Il Chiosso’s Gattinara vines, including their monopole Gattinara Cru vineyard “Galizja”.
Il Chiosso means “home garden” or “Clos”. It’s still a small winery and small is beautiful.