Il Macchione (Montepulciano) Organic

We were having a wonderful dinner at Osteria La Porta in Montichiello between Montepulciano and Montalcino. The first red was high-profile and a bit overwhelming for us. Do you have something a bit more restrained, austere, traditional and low-profile? Daria Cappelli, the charming owner, and her wine-waiter looked at each other and came up with a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva from Il Macchione.

We contacted Il Macchione at the crack of dawn. May we visit you? We are really sorry we only have one hour to cram a meeting in before heading to Montalcino. “OK!”
An hour later we arrived at Il Macchione to be met by Simone Abram.
Quote #1 – “We’re not from Tuscany. We were driving around for 5 or 6 years looking for the right spot.” His family was originally from Trentino.
Quote #2 – “I didn’t choose Sangiovese – I chose this land”.
Quote #3 “It’s just me, my brother and a couple of gypsies. No, they really are gypsies. Actually just one main one really. He’s one of the family. Totally committed.”
Quote #4 – “100% Sangiovese – not cut with Cabernet or Merlot or other stuff.”
Quote #5 – “Everyone talks about acidity and dark fruits and tannins and stuff – I taste with my body.”
Not certified but totally organic – this is where we first saw Favino plants (Broad Bean/Field Beans) between the rows. An effective natural fertiliser, used to fix nitrogen in the soil.
We listened, loved the attitude, tasted with our bodies and were very impressed. Excellent wines; pure, unmessed-with.