Kirsten (Klusserath) ORGANIC

Bernhard Kirsten is from the Mosel; Inge from Hamburg. They met in 1987 in New York while she was working in the travel business and he was passing through, visiting his sister, between Germany and California where he had internships at Domaine Napa, Pine Ridge and Mondavi in Oakville. After a couple of years learning about Cabernet Sauvignon, he came home to take over the family winery and concentrate on Riesling. Wind forward 26 years and the winery has grown to 15 hectares and, for the past 5 years, is fully organic. Well-known domestically for their sekt and locally for their trester (marc/grappa), the core of their output is dry Riesling. Although they have a little bit of Kowericher Laurentiuslay and Policher Held, most of their vines are in the magnificent, sweeping loop of Klusserather Bruderschaft, many in the Herzstuck (the heart piece) – the best part. The wines are impressive, packed with surging minerals, deep, textured and multi-layered.