Leclerc-Briant (Epernay) BIODYNAMIC

UK Premiere of Leclerc-Briant’s biodynamic Champagnes from two single vineyards around the village of Cumieres across the river Marne from the city of Epernay. Biodynamic is the extreme end of organic farming with every decision ruled by the Lunar Calendar. Both made with wild yeasts, the Chevres Pierreuses (stony goats) has a striking, almost herbal aroma that is constantly changing. Crayeres is broader and more opulent.
Also check out their Rose Champagne, called Rubis. Instead of making their Rose by blending still red wine (Pinot Noir) into their base Champagne, as most growers do, they make it by leaving the juice on the skins of their red grapes until it is the exact colour they are looking for before briskly drawing off the juice and then fermenting as normal. This is a very risky process.