Marie-Noelle Ledru (Ambonnay/Montagne de Reims)

We have been circling Marie-Noelle Ledru for almost two years. It was Arnaud at the fabulous Le Channel Restaurant in Calais who gave us our first taste. Deep Grand Cru Ambonnay flavour with pronounced freshness. Wonderful. Our first visit introduced us to her entire range. Unfortunately she had nothing left to sell. We called again before Christmas. “Sorry, I’m off to Tokyo tomorrow and I still don’t have much right now.” So we phoned again on our trip in March. Her friend answered – “I don’t think she has any, but I’ll ask her when she gets back. She’s out in the vines, on her tractor right now”. Luckily for us Marie-Noelle managed to scrape together some cases to bring back in our van.
She has just 3 hectares, which she does on her own with just one worker – no wonder she doesn’t have much to sell!