Maxime Chomel (Gervans)

We first stumbled upon Maxime Chomel’s Crozes doing some research in a shop in Tain l’Hermitage. A visit followed. In spite of having SatNav, his place was very hard to find. The trail ran cold along virtually every lane exiting above the village of Gervans just north of Tain. Eventually we found our way through to Monsieur Chomel’s Eagles’ Nest.
Maxime’s father and grandfather had a hectare of apricot trees and, when Maxime took over in 1984, he bought vineyards and taught himself how to make wine. He now has 8.5 hectares, most around his secluded domaine on sandy lœss and granite.
We love the unreconstructed style of his Crozes-Hermitage. Pure Syrah – gently sweaty, evocative of meat and violets.