Pierre Guillemot (Savigny-les-Beaune)

The fabulous label led to a chance purchase in a fancy Delicatessen in Miami South Beach. The silky, pure, traditional style of its contents led to a phone call which led to a visit in August (with an exhaustive, half day tasting), which led to us cramming several cases into our van in Burgundy on our latest trip.
Three generations of the Guillemot family live in, or just off, the village square in Savigny-les-Beaune north of Beaune. When we visited in August, grandmother, mother and grandson were bottling and packing cases while father Pierre was scrambling here and there to prepare everything for the imminent, early harvest. Grandfather was having a lie-down. Grandson, fresh out of the local wine college, the Lycee Viticole in Beaune, took us through the entire line up. White Savigny, Bourgogne Rouge, Savigny at village level, multiple Premier Crus and their Grand Cru Corton. All in multiple vintages. Their style may seem elegant and silky and ethereal, but they all have classic Savigny structure – a tannic backbone that, coupled with the fresh Pinot acidity, gives all their reds enormous aging potential. A point amply demonstrated when he hauled out a 1991 in August and a 1992 in October.