Querbach (Oestrich-Winkel)

Peter Querbach (47) was a long-time member of the VDP (the Premier League of German growers). He eventually found the rules too restrictive and handed his membership back in 2014: a big step – like a chef handing back Michelin stars. So, the Rheingau Bad Boy is now free to do what he pleases. And what he pleases pleases us. Peter likes to age his Rieslings: it’s a joy to find wines going back twenty years and more. No problems with corks: he uses beer style crown cap closures.
He uses wild yeasts and almost all his Rieslings have between 8 and 12 grammes of residual sugar which means they hover around the strict threshold for trocken (dry). That said, the style is dry.
We were particularly taken with his Riesling Edition 2007 and the Riesling Classic 2008 – both are straw yellow, smooth, enveloping, mature.
We also loved his 2001 Oestrich Lenchen No. 1 (a wine we first tasted at Straub’s Schone Aussicht in Klingenberg, Franken). Deep yellow, full, mature, relaxed and thrilling.