Reina de Castilla (La Seca/Rueda)

Two hours’ drive northwest of Madrid, the high, flat plains north- west of Segovia in the former Kingdom of Castille you find Rueda, one of Spain’s finest white wine-producing regions.
The area is known for its crisp, zizzy whites; Sauvignon Blanc and the local speciality Verdejo (known as Verdelho elsewhere).
Reina de Castilla is an excellent example of a newly modernised bodega, like many in Spain, originally a co-operative – a grouping of local wine-growers.
They harvest in the cool of night and ferment in stainless steel tanks to maintain aroma and freshness.
We were very taken by their Verdejo: zingy, zesty and herbal – evocative of fresh cut grass, lime blossom and camomile flowers with a savoury, almost saline mouthfeel.