Riffel (Bingen) ORGANIC

Bingen is on a massive corner on the Rhine, opposite Rudesheim. It is at the north-western edge of the region where four wine-growing regions meet. Rheinhessen Nahe, Mittelrhein and the Rheingau. Carolin and Erik Riffel have vines in the full south-facing Bingen Scharlachberg vineyard. Millions of years ago the Rhine looped below it, which explains why the wines are more Rheingau in style than Rheinhessen. The Riffels make electric, dry, modern Riesling which express the steep mineral-laden slate it is grown on and the very late October harvesting which extracts maximum ripeness.
We owe thanks to the German Food Writer Ursula Heinzelmann for the tip. She was researching a piece about the wines Goethe drank and heard about the Scharlachberg. Thanks Ursula!

The view from the Riffels' tower to the ScharlachbergCarolin and Erik Riffel