Terre di Mate (Gavi) NATURAL

One of our missions (which we chose to accept) while we were in Piedmont, was to find a new Gavi. By chance, our search took us to psychologist Stefania Correa’s kitchen in a block of flats. The first mouthful of the first bottle was explosive: the most intense Gavi we have ever tasted. “Before tasting the rest,” she asked, “would you like to see my vineyard before it gets dark and visit the cellar?”
“Yes, please!”
Stefania, a psychologist specialising in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), came late to winemaking. Her father, Maté, who died in 2008, had a vineyard and would sell the grapes. He never made wine. Having inherited the beautiful Regaldina vineyard, named after a wood below the vines, she became increasingly curious about what it would be like to make her own wine. She rented a little space in the large Co-op in Gavi and, with some guidance from an Enologist called Gaspare Buscemi, started making her wine in 2013. Gaspare told Stefania that “the wine makes itself”. We suspect it is slightly more involved than that.