Latest Tasting

Invitation to our next Tasting – Thursday 29th August – The Winery W9

You are invited to our tasting on Thursday 29th August from 17.00-21.00h at our shop in Clifton Road W9 when we will be featuring wines from California, Germany, Italy, Spain and Bordeaux.

Do our eyes deceive us? Wine, in a can? Whatever next? Wine in a box? Yes, our latest shipment from California has arrived, including more excellent Pinot Noirs from Wrath – and a grassy, bright Sauvignon Blanc in a can. We’ll have their Sauvignon Blanc and the sumptuous Swan/828 Pinot (out of a bottle) open next Thursday.

We were in Germany again, exploring the Pfalz and Franken, earmarking shipments for the coming months and picking up Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) from Christoph Walter. We also picked up some of his delicious Silvaner, which we will have in the line-up.

Fresh out of our van and premiering next week is a dry Riesling from Michael Scholtes in Detzem, from a stretch of the river Mosel west of Trittenheim and Klusserath. He’s young, determined and made excellent 2018s. We are his first export customer.

From the Pilgrims Trail in northwest Spain, we’ll be opening Nacho Leon’s latest Pyjama (OK, that does sound a bit odd, but the wine is called Pyjama). Nacho makes Demencia, one of Bierzo’s very finest reds. Pyjama is also Mencia from the same vineyards as Demencia – but using his younger vines which are only (!) 50 years old.

From Bordeaux, we’ll be showing Vanessa Dubosq’s La Tour Cordouan, the one with the lighthouse on the label. Her Chateau is a long way into the Medoc, way beyond Pauillac and St-Estephe – not quite as far as the lighthouse, but in that general direction.

Bosco del Merlo’s latest vintage Prosecco will be opening our tasting.

We do hope you can join us and, as usual, feel free to bring a friend.

Our following tasting at The Winery is scheduled for Monday, 23rd September.

David, Sinem, Eva, Natalie & David.