Pinot Love – Spatburgunder 6-pack £120

Love Pinot? Here’s our Pinot Love 6-bottle Spatburgunder selection. Spatburgunder is German for Pinot Noir.
6 bottles of German Spatburgunder, 6 different growers, 6 different regions – from the Ahr valley in the north to Baden in the south. Ahr, Mosel, Rheingau, Franken, Rheinhessen and Baden.

Ruber Spatburgunder trocken 2018, Nelles (Ahr) 19.99
Spatburgunder trocken 2020, Walter (Mosel) 14.99
Rheingauer Spatburgunder Kabinett trocken 2014, JB Becker (Rheingau) 28.99
Burgstadter Spatburgunder trocken 2015, Josef Walter (Franken) 24.99
Gau-Odernheimer Spatburgunder trocken 2018, Becker-Landgraf (Rheinhessen) 19.99
M Spatburgunder trocken 2020, Jurgen von der Mark (Baden) 21.99

Offer while stocks last. If we run out of certain wines we will be happy to offer substitutions.

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£12 per case for England, Scotland and Wales (mainland only).