Staff Roll Call

24 years of Winery staff from 1996-2020. We have had a succession of wonderful, talented colleagues over the past two decades plus. Many have continued to work with wine in the UK, around Europe, USA, Hong Kong and Australia – some started their own businesses in or around wine; making wine, writing or teaching about wine, setting up wine bars and restaurants, or even selling classic cars.
We will be adding more photos as we unearth them. Please shuttle down below the photos for the roll call.

Derek Dornan
James Barker
Chas Downing
David Marin
Emmanuel Defever
Olivier Varichon
Bertrand Boisleve
Vincent Barat
Brice Mancelot
Guillaume Aubert
Alain Duval
Tim Marson
Debbie Holt
Zeren Wilson
Louise Holstein
Amanda Laden
Laura Marschall
Heidi Whitelock
Clare Mason
Christopher Liddington
Sarah Andrew
Nick Trower
Ai Watanabe
Michael Saviddes
Conrad Kemp
Nicole Bailey
Agustin Sanchez Vicente
Kristian Kielmayer
Sherry Stolar
Raef Hodgson
Etienne Martin
Giorgio Parrino
Richard de Fleury
David Clawson
Sam Devaney
Rob Lay
Giacomo Eskenazi
Benjamin Donnadieu
Alex Rabagliati
Daniel Towler
Paul Newton
Martin Rikovsky
Nick Reder
Philip Geck
Andrew Rowsome
Natalie Davids
Julien Manrique
Thomas Major
Serena Costa
Sherry Stolar (she was back, briefly)
Sebastiano Guglielminetti
Giacomo Eskenazi (again!)
David Smith
Sinem Vurkaya
Michael Goss
Eva Papastratis
Lauren Mackintosh
Gilly McMullin
Nelly Bouterin
Chris Walker
Anthony Noonan

Fabulous Interns;
Caroline Briegel
Diane Coquillette
Gerrit Walter
Claudia von der Papen
Bastian Mengel
Isabelle Pfeffer
Philip Geck