David Motion

David continues to juggle his parallel careers in Wine and Music. Pop Record Producer in the 80s, Composer for film, tv and commercials in the 90s, David liked The Winery so much, he bought the shop in 1996. He has also released new CDs in Electronica and Classical genres. Find out more on David’s Music site: www.davidmotion.com
Travelling extensively searching for new wines, he also regularly appears in interviews talking about New Wave German Wines, Biodynamic Wine and the Lunar Calendar http://www.youtube.com/thewineryuk. David was asked to write a piece for the 2013 edition of “When Wine Tastes Best”, the Biodynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers. He is an occasional contributor to Noble Rot Magazine, including an explanatory piece about Noble Rot and a gently controversial piece about Red Wine With Fish – The Dark Art Of Food And Wine Matching.
David was delighted to receive an award from The Riesling Fellowship (English) (German) more…(English) (German) and excited to be asked to speak at the Fellowship in January 2015.
He was also busy with a website of his father’s art: www.davidcfreeman.co.uk

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