Sinem Vurkaya

Is there a connection between petrochemicals and wine? If there is, you would be sure to find Sinem where they meet.
Sinem came from Turkey to London via Prague with a degree in Chemical Process Engineering. Among other things, she knows about Biomass and Coal Gasification, Kinetic Modelling of Hydrocracking of Heavy Oils, has researched how to produce biofuel from sewage and applied for a patent. She continues to consult on renewable energy waste treatment, upcycling and sustainability.
So how did she get into wine? Her father worked in a hotel and would occasionally bring home a bottle of wine or champagne. Did that have anything to do with it? Not necessarily – although that couldn’t have hurt. It wasn’t until she was working part time in a café in London that she suddenly got the wine bug, thanks to some staff training about Chilean reds. Her scientific curiosity was piqued and her journey since has been swift and effective. WSET levels were quickly attained, trips were made, stints at Planet of the Grapes and Fox in the City followed and here she is at The Winery.

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