Meet our current team below and meet our staff from 1996-2018.

David Motion

David continues to juggle his parallel careers in Wine and Music. Pop Record Producer in the 80s, Composer for film, tv and commercials in the 90s, David liked The Winery so much, he bought the shop in 1996. He has also released new CDs in Electronica and Classical genres. Find out more on David’s Music site:
Travelling extensively searching for new wines, he also regularly appears in interviews talking about New Wave German Wines, Biodynamic Wine and the Lunar Calendar David was asked to write a piece for the 2013 edition of “When Wine Tastes Best”, the Biodynamic Calendar for Wine Drinkers. He is an occasional contributor to Noble Rot Magazine, including an explanatory piece about Noble Rot and a gently controversial piece about Red Wine With Fish – The Dark Art Of Food And Wine Matching.
David was delighted to receive an award from The Riesling Fellowship (English) (German) more…(English) (German) and excited to be asked to speak at the Fellowship in January 2015.
He was also busy with a website of his father’s art:

Sinem Vurkaya

Giacomo Eskenazi

Deja-vu? No, Giacomo is back with us for a few months, seven or so years since he headed off to do stages in California, Chile, Bordeaux and a spell in the wine department at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. He has also been working on an intriguing Tech project.

Natalie Davids

Customer turned staff member, Natalie was brought up in Cape Town, South Africa. She got into wine following a couple of years at SAWIS, the body responsible for South Africa’s Wine of Origin system, based in Paarl. She tired of the continuous sunshine and moved to London ten years ago. She also tired of meat and dairy and has been a practicing vegan (with the odd, extremely rare lapse) as long as we have known her. We share Natalie with TfL (there is no point complaining to her about tubes or taxis) and her own wine events business.
Natalie is currently off doing intensive physio and rehab following a skiing accident. We hope to have her back in the shop in a few months.

Benjamin Donnadieu

Ben is from Mont Ventoux, where the Rhone meets Provence and the locals have guns. As a child he and a friend were shot at by a neighbour who spotted them in his fruit trees. Ben’s Mum was livid. Less so with Ben than the redneck neighbour. After a spell in Paris, Ben moved to London in 2007 and has been working at The Winery since 2010. His bike with no brakes has gone, replaced by the equivalent of a wide armchair with wheels. So now it’s a combination of bike and tube from Hipster Central: Dalston. Ben also enjoys travel. Visits to the south of France (where his family lives) are peppered with trips to Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Sydney and Whitstable (although that may have been a one-off).
NEWS FLASH – our longest-serving colleague, Ben, moved with his girlfriend to Australia in February 2018. Ben has done brilliant work at The Winery for over seven years. We will all miss him and we wish him and Lucy every success in their exciting future.

Serena Costa

Serena joins us from Verona – Valpolicella & Amarone country – in northeastern Italy. She inherited some vines from her Grandfather which she hopes eventually to experiment with herself rather than sell the output to another producer. She had been planning to become a Doctor but, at a crossroads moment, the mother of her close friend from school said, why don’t you get into wine? The mother of her friend happens to be the matriarch of the Allegrini family. One thing led to another. Serena studied Winemaking & Viticulture at Milan University, did her Masters in Human Nutrition & Food Science and winery stages in Tuscany, Franciacorta, Piedmont, Lombardy and, further afield, in Australia, New Zealand and California. In what little spare time she had before moving to London to join us at The Winery, Serena helped set-up a WSET wine education programme and was also involved with a local migrant settlement project. What a CV – we are breathless even reading it. Enough qualifications? Absolutely!

Thomas Major

Part Swedish, part Hungarian, but mainly Swedish. From Gothenburg, in fact. Husband of Sarah and father of a young boy, Ted. Thomas has some Tech and plenty of Beverage in his background with, among other things, a spell selling wine in Systembolaget, the famous Swedish alcohol monopoly. There also seems to be an interest in music, whether it is getting to grips with Classical repertoire or something altogether more personal – Thomas can often be heard providing his own musical accompaniment to certain moves or tasks.