Germany: Wurttemberg

A large region with a diversity of grapes and styles. Intriguing, distinctive reds. Some spicy whites.

The“Junges Schwaben”(Young Schwabians) are five young Wurttemberg growers, Jochen Beurer, Sven Ellwanger, Hans Hengerer, Rainer Wachtstetter and Jurgen Zipf, who recently took over from their parents and wanted to make better wine than the region was known for. With coaching from Stuttgart sommelier-turned-wine-merchant Bernd Kreis and early encouragement from highly-regarded boutique grower Albrecht Schwegler and journalists like Stuart Pigott the group is poised for wider recognition – we were the first to export their wines.

Dautel (Bonnigheim)

Jochen Beurer (Stetten)

Riesling from unlikely sounding wine country, the outskirts of Stuttgart. Made by former European BMX Champion Jochen Beurer. Jochen is one of the “Junges Schwaben” group and makes deep, lees-textured Riesling, mainly from the Pulvermacher (Powdermaker) vineyard above his home village of Stetten.

Albrecht Schwegler (Korb)

Local legend Albrecht set up this boutique winery with his wife Andrea outside Stuttgart, where he also runs his specialised machine parts business. With only 1.2ha of vines, a range of Lemberger, Zweigelt, Merlot and Regent, they don’t make much wine, but absolutely everything is done by hand.