Murcia: Jumilla

Silvano Garcia (Jumilla)

Final part of our previous trip was through the lunar landscape of Murcia (bottom right of the Iberian Peninsula) to sniff out some Monastrell. Monastrell may or may not be Mourvedre, expert opinion is divided. At its best it has exactly what we were hoping for – recognisably sweaty overtones, like Bandol in Provence.
The small town of Jumilla was where we found it. 36 year-old Silvano Garcia bought an old Co-op six years ago, knocked down everything beyond the concrete tanks just behind the front wall and now he and his three employees rattle around in an oversized Bodega. He makes exciting, deep, blackcurranty reds, with the slightly sweaty thrill of the chase, and the unexpected bonus of two outstanding sweet wines. Moscatel which bowled us over with its complexity and a Monastrell Dulce, monstrous enough to beat any chocolate dessert into submission!