Studert-Prum (Wehlen)

Wehlen is one of the most famous wine villages on the planet. Its vineyards cling to the slope on the opposite bank of the Mosel, a slope of uninterrupted Grand Cru sites from Bernkastel through Graach and Wehlen up to Zeltingen, where the river starts another loop. Wehlen is best known for its Sonnenuhr (Sundial) vineyard. It is also inextricably linked with the family name of Prum. This is where it gets complicated. There are several Prums in the village; JJ Prum (by far the most famous and still making exclusively sweet styles), SA Prum, Weins-Prum and Studert-Prum. Other well-known estates such as Dr Loosen, Robert Weil, Christoffel and Pauly-Bergweiler also had Prums in their families.
Gerd & Stephan Studert’s mother is one of the SA Prums and the SA Prum estate was divided between her (which became Studert-Prum) and her sister (who retained the SA Prum name).
Gerd, his brother Stephan and nephew Michael had five hectares of vines, which may not seem much, but the fact remains that they are all in great vineyards in Wehlen, Graach and Bernkastel. Gerd retired in 2014 and sold his vines. Stephan and his son Michael moved the cellar back into the original family home on the river front. Stephan has since supposedly retired and Michael has taken over. The generational shift has happened.
While it was a bottle of Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese trocken 2009 which we drank at the Moselschild in Urzig almost ten years ago that brought us knocking, we have enjoyed their classic Mosel Rieslings ever since.